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There's something for everyone!!!!

Our Flavors

We put care, effort and fun into every small batch of NAV's Popcorn.  So whether it's savory or sweet you know that it's a great treat made right here in  our favorite place in the world, the 1000 Islands.


Alex Bay Store

Don't hesitate to reach out with questions about any of  our products or help with placing your order.

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Hours of Operation

 Monday - 8am - 6pm

Tuesday - 8am - 6pm

Wednesday - 8am - 6pm

Thursday 8am - 6pm (donuts til 11am or preorder)

Friday 8am - 8pm ( donuts til 11am or preorder)

Saturday 8am - 8pm (donuts til 11am or preorder)

Sunday 8am - 4pm (donuts til 11am or preorder)

NAV's 1000 Islands is operating year round.  Your favorite summer snack can now be bought on our online store, shipped to your door, and enjoyed year round.  Click on tab below to order your favorites!!

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